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The Centre aims to promote innovation and education in the use of computer-based technologies for the production and analysis of digital media. The goal is to create cutting-edge enabling technologies, but with a particular focus on practical outcomes and usability. Potential fields of application include User-Created Content, Film and Television Production, Computer Games Development, Urban Visualisation, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Video Security and Surveillance, Robotics, Data Visualisation and Human-Computer Interfaces.


South Australia is well placed to expand its role in the rapidly growing global industry based on the production and analysis of digital content. Increasing South Australia’s participation in this sector will require the development of a workforce with the appropriate skill set, and the provision of research support essential to this technologically sophisticated area.


The objectives of the Centre are:

  1. To foster growth in the digital content industry within the State. South Australia has the background of both creative and technical expertise necessary for a thriving industry based on the creation and analysis of digital content. The ability to bring together interdisciplinary teams to develop the solutions required by practitioners is essential for the growth of this industry.
  2. To provide a focus for education in the digital arts within the State. The Centre will provide a set of interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the area, as well as continuing education. These processes will be designed in consultation with industry in order to provide graduates with the skills most appropriate to their needs.
  3. To encourage innovation in digital content technologies. Innovation in this creative, technology-dependent area requires the concerted application of both artistic and scientific methodologies. The coordinated and interdisciplinary approach offered by the Centre is essential to producing commercially viable outcomes.

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