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Peter Kovesi seminar
December 11, 2009, 1:42 am
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On 27 Nov, Peter Kovesi from the University of Western Australia presented a seminar on Animating Impossible Objects:

For some impossible objects it is possible to construct a three-dimensional model that, when viewed from a particular direction, gives rise to the impression that the object is impossible.  The impossible triangle is one such object.  These three-dimensional models of impossible objects can only be viewed from one angle – otherwise they no longer look impossible. But is it possible to create an interactive impossible object, that is, an impossible object that can be viewed from any angle? This talk explores the creation of such objects on the computer.

To allow an impossible object to be viewed from any angle its 3D geometry must be altered to suit the viewpoint. We show that a particular class of impossible figures can be described in terms of two complementary halves. The complementary halves are related to each other by an inversion transformation in the image plane.  Either one of the complementary halves can be realized as a 3D object with the appropriate geometry to ensure an impossible figure will be produced.  The 3D model of one of the complementary halves can be animated by normal means. Once an arbitrary view has been generated, the other complementary half can then be constructed by image plane inversion to complete the impossible figure.

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